Wow, what a fun weekend over in a country with some of the biggest poker donks ever. We had laughs, we had fun, and more importantly, nobody finished better in a single tournament than me. Oh, and BTW, I hate writing long things, so if this seems un-organized, it probably is.

It all started after my dad passed this May. I had inherited a good deal of money, as well as a bar, and realized that I had a great opportunity to go to the next SAS Meetup. I arranged to get my passport, booked my flight, and had Jag book my room. The meetup was scheduled to be Fri-Sun, but with me coming, everyone decided to stay through Mon, and leave Tues. morning.

I flew out of Grand Rapids on Thursday afternoon, didn’t get a wink of sleep on the flights over, and arrived in London around 10am local time. I immediately recognized Jag, who was there to pick me up. Damn, I felt like a mail-order bride, some ugly old man picking up some young asian at the airport. After he got lost finding his car, then having to go back inside (because once we got to the car Jag realized he had to pay inside), we were off for Birmingham. It was around a 2 hour drive, but it was fun, and we got caught up on small-talk, mainly analyzing my game and talking about who are good players and who are bad players on the site. And yes, Sax, you are in the latter category.

Upon arriving in Brum, we checked into my room, and ran into the few people who were already there. Beth and Scottie showed up right after we got there, so we were stuck with the 4 admins, along with Renaan and Antoine. Yes, Renaan is just as crazy/hyper in real life as he is online. After a few drinks, and constant nagging from Beth and Sax, I finally went to lay down for a few hours. That evening we went to Star City, where the table-games dealers were over-paying winners, along with not realizing that they had to use their up-card on Blackjack for the 3-Card Bonus. Due to those errors, the impossible happened, Sax won at a game! We played the freeroll, where I ended up dealing because there were not enough dealers to cover all the tables. I can’t believe it (okay I can because I’m a donk), but I had 100 pounds invested into the game. I finally lost to Stants, who I’m still pissed at for raising QJs from early position. Star City was also my first time playing live Pot-Limit Holdem cash games. I made most of my money off of that, along with a decent run at 3-Card Poker.

Saturday was a fun day as well. We had breakfast and went to the arcade, where Jag and I hustled Antoine and Sax out of money on the pool tables. We all had a laugh from Antoine’s “impressive” dance moves, and the romance of Jag and Renaan playing a “lovers” shooting game together. That evening we went to the Broadway casino, where I made a nice chunk off of their slot machines. Sadly, I failed at all of the table games. In the tournament, I KOed Antoine early, who TBH, was horribly tired. Hell, he called an all-in for a decent pot with a gut-shot, and hit it. What a DONK!!! Later on in the tournament, I was moved to another table, which was filled with donks (addy, jeffchef, beth, and snappit). I can’t remember if snappit was there when I got moved, or if he moved there later. After a bit though, Jeff got busted, and Scottie got moved to the table. This was the best part of the night, because I immediately started playing more aggressive, and knocked out both Scottie and Addick. Horray for me, I got 2 Admin KOs (and am surprised that I was not banned from the site). With 2 tables left, I was the chip leader, mainly due to the fact that I took about half of Beth’s chips in a well-played pot. I had opened with 97s, and she min-raised me, so of course I called (who folds to a min-raise anyways?). The flop was all low, and we both checked the flop, with me figuring she had AK or another hand like that. I turned the 9, bet out, and got a call from her. We checked the river, and I took the decent sized pot with my 9s. We both ended up making the final table, with Sax bubbling (we did pay the bubble-boy though, so at least he made some money). Beth was tired, and decided to donk off her chips by shoving 89off in mid position, and not improving her hand after getting called. She busted in 9th I believe. I ended up busting in 6th after I shoved pre with 66, and got called with AK. He didn’t improve, but the board read TT77, countereiting my pair.

Sunday was a long day for me. We relaxed for a while, watched Sax fail at SnGs online, and mainly just messed around at the arcade before going to the casino. I made it an early night, and got a good amount of sleep. Nothing really to report, because I didn’t do shit, except drop about 500 pounds at the casino. It was not a fun day for me. Oh, and I have to mention that Sax busted me in the tourny as well. I was tired, played like shit, and ended up shoving blind, and running into Sax’s QQ.

Monday evening though was a different matter. While I busted out of the tournament early, I was already up from the table games. I had 2 hands that profited me 200+ pounds on the 3-Card Poker tables, hitting many straights, but also hitting a straight flush and then trips while betting decent amounts. I decided to play cash (was bad with my money and staked Sax 60), and it turned out pretty decent. At one point, my 235 pound buy-in was up nearly to 700. I took a massive hit at the end of the night though, where I called a BB raise with 54s, hit 2 pair, and she called my over-shove with KJs hearts. There were 2 hearts on the flop, and she turned the flush. The river was a blank, and that flip lost me a 500 pound pot. I still cashed out up about 150, along with winnings from the 3-Card Poker tables.

Tuesday morning, we left Brum early, and headed back to London. I stayed with Jag for the day, and watched him donk his money off online. We ended up going for curries, then watched some poker on TV before he called me a cab to the airport. I dicked around online for a bit, then flew back. It was about a 10 hour trip back home, and I couldn’t sleep on the plane.

Overall the trip was a lot of fun. I’m disappointed that more people didn’t show up, especially people who live quite close to where we were at. I did have a blast with who was there, and enjoyed meeting all of the SASers that I did. Even though it’s a few meetups away, I sat with Scottie and Jag, and we are planning a 2012 SAS meetup in Michigan (remind me that I will need extra bouncers in my bar for that weekend). I had a blast, and I cannot wait for the next SAS meetup that I go to.

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